CRI在线收听:Rent A Bicycle with Your ID Card

Municipal authorities here in Beijing are working to try to correct a number of problems which have been cropping up as part of the city's bicycle rental program.

CRI's Li Dong explains。

A trial public bicycle rental and returns system has already been established in Beijing.

Anyone who wants to rent a bicycle can make use of this service at any public transportation card charging booth with their personal ID card.

The deposit is 200 yuan for local residents and residents with temporary residence permits.

Using these bicycles is free if you return them within an hour.

If you use the bicycles for more than one hour, a minimal fee is charged at 1 yuan per hour.

The upper limit for a whole day's usage comes to no more than 10 yuan.

According to CCTV, more than 62 thousand public transportation cards have been used to access the bicycle rental service. However, interviews conducted on the street have revealed that malfunction problems with the automatic rental system are very common.

"All the docking stations are broken. I can't return the bike here. I've been using the system for a year. The malfunction rate of both the docking system and the bicycles themselves is high. The chains slip and the seat position can't be adjusted."

The bicycles located in downtown districts can be returned at any bicycle rental spot. But bicycles rented further out from the center of the city can only circulate within nearby areas.

Mao Baohua is a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University. He says renting and returning bicycles at any rental spot should be a basic standard for a public bicycle rental system.

"People will not see the convenience of the service if such a network doesn't allow you to rent and return the bikes at any rental station, whatever the location. The government should take this as a basic standard in the beginning phase of the system's design. There may be many companies competing for the bicycle renting business, but the fundamental standard should be universal. In this way, the public won't encounter any difficulty with regards to renting and returning."

Jiao Tongmin, director of leasing at the Transport Administration of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport says they are doing all they can to perfect the bicycle rental system。

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"We've carried out a number of measures, like reminding the bicycle rental companies carry out maintenance work. The ability to limit the rate of malfunctions is one of the standards by which we evaluate bicycle rental companies."

According to CCTV, less than 20 percent of people in Beijing use bicycles to commute to and from their place of work. This rate is continually declining by 2 to 4 percent every year.

For CRI, I am Li Dong.



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