CRI在线收听:Xi to Start four-nation Tour in Central Asia Next Week

Xi Jinping will start his trip to the four nations, Turkmenstan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on September 3rd.

It's widely expected that the President's first official tour of the region should help clairify the new administration's foregin policy in the region。

Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping。

"Xi Jinping's four-nation tour in the region will coincide with a head-of-states summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization。 It is expected the countries will sign many important cooperation treaties in the fields of energy, transportation, telecommunications and other investments。"

Cheng adds aside from getting business deals done, the Chinese president will also deliver a speech at the University of Nazarbayev in Kazakhstan to outline the new Chinese leadership's foreign policy in Cenral Asia。

Following this, Xi Jinping will travel to Russia for the G20 Summit.

His time there is expected to outline China's expectations for the reform of the International Monetary Fund。

Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong.

"A key part of the president's deliberation at the summit will focus on the reform of the quota system of the IMF, whereby the emerging markets and developing countries can increase their representation and voting rights in the organization."

Aside from pushing for deeper reforms in the IMF, Xi Jinping is also expected to hammer-home China's resolve toward reducing trade protectionism at the summit.

The G20 summit will also give Xi Jinping an opportunity to meet seperately on bilateral issues with the G20 leaders。

Some have speculated the Chinese leader might have used the occasion to meet with his Japanese counterpart to ease frictions between the two countries.

However, Li Baodong says the Japanese government lacks the fundemental sincerity in maintaining good ties with China.

"Japan has disregarded historical facts, has refused to seriously engage in talks over the Diaoyu Islands. Leaders there have delibrately tried to escalate tension. Then how can we meeting on such basis?"

Li Baodong says the Chinese side will only meet with Japan's leaders when Japan starts taking subsitive steps toward trying to mend ties。

At issue is the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands, as well as recent trips to the controversial Yasakuni Shrine by members of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's cabinet.

For CRI, I am Su Yi.



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